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Military Political Stance

Posted By: David on Jan 07, 2007 - 10:59 PM
I just read through a recent LA Times article stating that the military no longer contains as many Republicans as it used to. In 2004, a poll showed 60% considered themselves a Republican and in 2005 that number was down to 56%. Now, the most recent poll at the end of 2006 shows that number down to 46%.

What the LA Times does not mention are the other figures. BIG surprise!

According to the most recent poll, here are the results:

Rep = 46%
Dem = 16%
Ind = 22%
Lib = 2%
other = 3%
Declined to answer = 11%

So if you take these numbers into account which you can pretty much put the Libertarian number and Republican together since they are nearly the same thing as well as maybe half of those who didn’t answer and I’d say that’s still a good majority of the military who consider themselves a Republican. I also love how they title their article, “Weaning the military from the GOP”. If that doesn’t scream extreme leftist then I don’t know what would, way to go with the fair and balanced report LA Times!

But all that aside, I’d like to know how many military that use this site consider themselves a Republican or whatever title you’d like to give yourself, speak up here!

Source: http://www.latimes.com/news/opinion/la-oe-brooks5jan05,0,3406790.column?coll=la-opinion-center

Article Comments

miap7 Mar 12, 2007 - 06:09 PM
Not to mention that while beign over here I have had the opportunity to work with several people from the Balkans, Bosnia, Kosovo, and talking to these people, we as Americans are SO ignorant. These people know what war is, we have no real concept. I just pray that we aren't forced to learn the hard way some day, because I am not sure if the current generatrion is made of the same hardy stock as the "greatest". Would we be willing to fight to defend out own soil?
David Mar 12, 2007 - 05:59 PM
Sometimes it's difficult to know what to believe these days. I firmly believe that the media is just like any other big business or corporation and that they're in it for the money and what's making them money is reporting bad news, it creates loads of attention and gets them big ratings. And you're right that most media is positioned to the left and they do have an agenda to bring down the current administration. Although truthfully it doesn't matter as much anymore since they only have a few years left.

For most people, they don't know what War is and what it entails, they think that things should be won quickly. Most people have no concept of the length in which previous Wars were fought nor their history. It took 10-20 years to re build Germany after WW2 and people expect things to go quicker here? That's the problem we have. We live in the age of instant gratification and that's what everyone expects, instant results.

I wish we lived in a perfect world in which we didn't have to be over there and everyone could get along and there would be no terroists but the world is not a nice place and that's why we're needed to help make it a better one.
miap7 Mar 10, 2007 - 10:17 PM
Well one can never expect the LA TImes is goin to be fair and balanced. For that matter, there are few periodicals left that are willing to go against the mainstream media push and actually tell a true and unbiased version of a story coming out of Iraq. If they did public opinion polls on the war would scream quite different numbers. They call up and ask people what they think of war, well who likes it? No one, but try telling the Jews that war is never necessary...oh wait you couldn't, because Hitler might have possibly acheived his goals. Was the information presented prior to invading Iraq false? Perhaps, however when a dictator knowingly has these dangerous weapons, they have been seen and verified, then claims he doesn't have them anymore but refuses to allow inspectors in to verify those claims...hmmmm. What is he trying to hide? Do people know thta actual weapons HAVE been found, only it wasn't in dramatic fashion. Weapons parts have been found, stored mustard gas and another poison I can't remember the name of was discovered over a year and a half ago. I have heard rumors of a chemical weopn being brought the the gate of out base last year, Hazmat bein called out, and detaining a farmer for a few hours while they questioned him, and he basically tells them this was put in his shed long ago to hide, and he doesn't want it there anymore. Curious how NONE of these "rumors" make it to press when so many other false accusations and half truths do. At this point the why doesn't matter, the fact that we are here and that we have a responsibility to these people to stand by them and protect them and help their country stand on its own two feet. I hate to be cliche, but Rome wasn't built in a day, it took a decade to get our own constitution written, and we expect them to get it all done in a few years? We are here for the long haul people, and it would be better politically for our country if the government supported our commander in chief rather that publicly villify him. There are so many cartoons and jokes out there about the insurgency wanting a democrat, but I am betting that couldn't have more truth to it. They know how badly they want to cut and run, which is what the insurgents want. GO ahead Nancy, let them win, let the USA lose respectability and fortitude just to make your political career. People are disgusted with the administration? I am disgusted with congress.....enough!
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